We can help you reach 17 of the 52 points required to be certified LEED Platinum.

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One name, two products

Coletanche® NTP: The conventional product line based on blown bitumen with four different grades to address most liner requirements.

Coletanche® ES: The polymer modified product line with four different grades designed for better installation and service in cold climates.

Coletanche® is known for extreme durability and longevity in harsh environmental conditions

  • Exceptional tensile strength
  • Resistant to hydrostatic, dynamic and aggregate puncture (Does Not generally need bedding sand)
  • No stress cracking
  • Resistant to penetration by rodents and tree roots
  • Resistant to chemicals, including acids and bases
  • Performs in environments with pH 2-9
  • Adapts well to the soil profile and differential
  • settlements due to the visco-elastic behaviour of bitumen
  • Unaffected by superficial aging caused by U.V. rays
  • Minimal maintenance required - even on unprotected membranes
  • Has low dilation – does not expand or contract with temperature changes

Coletanche® may be covered with most materials without any extra protection

  • Hot mix asphalt and mastic asphalt
  • Cast in place concrete and prefabricated bricks or slabs
  • Rocks and gabions
  • Ballast (NTP4, ES4)
  • Rip rap and gravel armouring
  • Ttop soil and seed


We apply strict quality control and quality assurance plans during membrane manufacture and onsite installation. These stringent standards help to ensure optimal product performance. Welded seams can be tested using ultrasonic equipment, vacuum bells / boxes, or geoelectrical testing depending on the type of project.

Layering Operations

Coletanche® is very easy to install, even in difficult weather. A small team of installers manages the entire process using a hydraulic beam attached to an excavator. All seams are manually welded with a propane torch system - a process that also makes the product easy to repair or extend. Coletanche® is very adaptable and is easily anchored and sealed to manholes, pipes, piles or other appurtenances present on site. It can be readily sealed to most materials – concrete, asphalt, steel, wood, PVC, and HDPE.

Environmental Protection

Coletanche® supports industrial and domestic activities in a safe and environmentally conscientious way. Our geomembranes prevent damage to the earth caused by contaminated materials, and help to preserve water resources and soil quality for future generations.

Waste containment

Coletanche® prevents the spread of contamination and is often used to protect the earth from sources of waste.

Building in sensitive areas

Whether minimizing the impact of a construction project on the natural surroundings, or improving existing site conditions, Coletanche® is wellsuited for difficult sites.

Part of industrial process

As an effective barrier to contamination, Coletanche® has many industrial uses.

Biogas Barriers

In the rehabilitation of contaminated sites, such as old landfills and gas stations, a biogas barrier is placed strategically to prevent gases emanating from the contaminants from spreading into overlying structures or the surrounding area. This improves site conditions and allows for the safe construction of new projects or new land uses on formerly contaminated sites.