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We can help you reach 17 of the 52 points required to be certified LEED Platinum.

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Ecological Pavement at a Conventional Price

EcoMat™ is an asphaltic paving material which can be mixed and applied at temperatures 40°C lower than traditional asphalt mixes. Produced using leading industry state of the art technologies, EcoMat™ is a mix that is more workable, easier to use, and better for the environment. Lower working temperatures assists with equipment wear and tear, improving the service life and operational characteristics of the production equipment. EcoMat™ use also qualifies users for LEED credits as an added benefit.

Energy Savings

EcoMat™’s environmental advantages begin at the plant where the asphalt mix is produced. Conventional hot-mix asphalt requires that it be heated to higher temperatures, which consumes a significant amount of energy during the process. EcoMat™’s recommended temperature is approximately 10° C cooler than its hot-mix counterpart resulting in a 10-15% reduction in the energy needed to power the plant’s burner (under normal circumstances). The reduction in the plant’s energy consumption directly translates into environmental benefits such as a reduction in the plant’s carbon footprint, as well as lower emissions.

Lower Plant Emissions

The lower temperatures used in EcoMat™’s production process significantly improves upon an already an environmentally friendly and one of the world’s largest recycled products. The EcoMat™ production process reduces conventional process greenhouse gas emissions by an additional 10-15% and can lower Volatile Organic Contents (VOC’s) by as much as 50%. By using cooler mixes, EcoMat™ improves upon one of the best available paving materials.

Improved On-Site Air Quality

Another advantage of EcoMat™ is that its reduced temperatures further reduce emissions during the transportation of the product and in the construction process. For each 10° C reduction in temperature, emissions can be reduced by as much as a factor of 2. EcoMat™ can lead to emission improvements by as much as 30-50% over those found when working at conventional temperatures. EcoMat™’s cooler working temperatures improve air quality and offer an added benefit for workers providing a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable working environment.

Increased Service Life

The special process used to produce EcoMat™ allows the asphalt mixes to maintain workability at temperatures lower than those of conventional hot-mix asphalt. These lower production temperatures produce mixes with binders which are less aged and less susceptible to low temperature cracking. Because EcoMat™ is less susceptible to low temperature cracking, pavements built with EcoMat™ asphalt will likely have longer average service lives and greater durability. 

Longer Paving Season and Haul Distances

EcoMat™’s properties allow it to remain flexible for longer periods of time and make it less affected by cold weather. Because of these properties, EcoMat™ can be used on cooler days, when paving with hot-mix asphalt would be impossible. Also, EcoMat™’s flexibility allows it to be hauled longer distances, making paving possible at difficult to reach job sites.

Enhanced Recycled Content

The recent focus on sustainable development has made the use of recycled materials more important now than ever before. Because of the reduced binder aging during production, more recycled asphalt pavements (RAP) can be added into EcoMat™ than in conventional hot-mix asphalt without any negative impacts on low temperature properties. Projects using EcoMat™ with RAP are also eligible to earn the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits for Recycled Content.


EcoMat™, as a warm surfacing product, has a direct positive impact on 8 LEED credits:

  • AES7.1
  • AES8
  • MR 5.1
  • MR5.2
  • MR6
  • IPD1
  • MR 4.1*
  • MR 4.2*

* For a complete roadway structure


EcoMat™ is just as effective and has the same technical characteristics as traditional bituminous material.